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​Ford Edge​

The new Ford Edge has an alter ego. With breathtaking levels of refinement and aesthetic splendor, the Edge is a category unto itself.  Its predatory stance was designed with excitement in mind. Up front, the large trapezoidal lower grille gives it a bold yet signature Ford appearance that doesn’t seize your attention so much as demands it. 

Ford Edge Side View


Strapped with a 2.7L V6 Ecoboost engine under the bonnet, the 2016 Ford Edge is not just mere looks.  It combines optimum fuel efficiency with linear power delivery across the range. With 340 PS of power under the bonnet, you’ve arrived even before you’ve begun. Racing style paddle shifters and a sports tuned suspension give it grunt to stimulate the senses and blow away your mind. 


Equipped with state of the art features, the advanced technology in your new Edge assists and beguiles in equal measure. Whether you’re backing out of a corner or simply preparing to pass, the rearview camera and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) scans and alerts you to impending dangers. Like an able butler, the technology in the Ford Edge is always at hand when you need it. 


Our standard AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control) gives you inspiring confidence to tackle even the most challenging terrain. The Personal Safety System is yet another feature in your arsenal, keeping all 4 wheels firmly planted on the ground at all times.  The Ford Edge boasts class leading driver aids that underpins safety and comfort behind every journey you will ever make.


Graceful lines along the length of the dash and a stylish flow-through center console make the Edge poetry in motion. Simple and intuitive, the cabin is a singularly inviting place to be. Side view mirrors with integrated blind spot mirrors seduce the beholder with its intelligent design and functionality. With premium 2nd row legroom, the destination will be the farthest thing from your mind. 

Ford Edge Sunroof
White Ford Edge


The aggressive front with bold black grille is just a delightful assault on the senses. Aerodynamically designed, the fluid profile of the Ford Edge not only drives spectacularly but looks agile while at it too. Jaw dropping 22” aluminum wheels further elevate the design language to a level that wouldn’t look out of place at an art gallery.


Luxurious leather trimmed front seats featuring 10 way power adjustments make the atmosphere a premium one allowing passengers to travel in superlative luxury and comfort. Countless hours were expended to make seating positions totally fatigue free and spontaneous long drives the rule rather than the exception.


Space is a good thing. Especially on the highway. Choosing the adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support enables the Edge to help maintain preset radar guided gaps between you and the vehicle in front. With confidence inspiring responsiveness and sensitivity, you’re always one step ahead of the pack.


Ford Edge SE
Ford Edge SEL
Ford Edge Titanium
Ford Edge Sport