The first-ever full electric Maserati SUV

Grecale Folgore

*The images & specifications displayed may not be of the actual vehicle. All prices are inclusive of VAT
Pricing may vary subject to model availability”
From 499,000 incl. VAT
5 Seats
550 Hp
220 Km/h Max Speed
410 Nm Torque
Exterior From the windshield to the underbody, every single component of the Grecale Folgore was designed to improve acceleration and increase efficiency for an Everyday Exceptional. A selection of new Aero wheels, specially designed for the Grecale Folgore, also contributes to enhanced aerodynamics while improving stability and grip. The iridescent copper shade, Rame Folgore, was envisioned for Folgore by the team at Maserati’s Centro Stile. They were inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in developing a color capable of blending warm and cool hues in a fluid dance with the surrounding environment.
Interior Taking the wheel of the Grecale Folgore means having everything within reach. Ample digital screens and smart buttons conveniently positioned on the sporty new steering wheel put basic functions within arm’s length. The central display interface can be easily customized to best suit personal preferences. Always up-to-date intelligent systems keep devices and even schedules in sync, for seamless distraction-free driving and greater driving pleasure.
Performance Engineered with technology from the track, destined to electrify the everyday. Maserati’s first all-electric SUV, the Grecale Folgore, is engineered with Formula E solutions for agile circuit-bred performance. From 0 to 100 in just 4.1 seconds, Grecale Folgore is lightning-quick, reaching 220 km/h to push the boundaries of sporting excellence in an SUV. It’s electric, the Maserati way.  Air slides right past its elegant contours to propel it faster and farther. With its sweeping full-electric propulsion, every single element of the Grecale Folgore was designed to maximize its aerodynamics for unparalleled performance and a charge that lasts.
Technology Grecale is bringing a riveting, all-electric wind to the everyday. With one full battery charge, the Grecale Folgore has up to 500 km of autonomy *. Because the Everyday Exceptional is all about uncompromised driving pleasure for dynamic drivers who know how to make the most of every single day. Maserati developed ultra-fast charging for any outing – charge up to 80% battery at public charging stations in just 29 minutes.
Design Folgore is the Italian word for lightning, the representation of Maserati’s full electric metamorphosis. The application of new materials and intriguing color schemes denote this new energy across every iconic Maserati design element. Even before entering, the Folgore courtesy light announces its electrifying presence.
Capabilities Boundless, sleek digital surfaces for an intuitive cockpit, to move in sync with Grecale. The latest in technological innovation is present to streamline daily tasks and make going from here to there a breeze. Consider the updated Maserati Intelligent Assistant a digital concierge. From remotely adjusting the cabin climate to navigating traffic delays, anticipating a nearby charging break or even offering a reminder to start driving to that upcoming appointment scheduled on the integrated Google Calendar, Grecale quite simply makes the Everyday Exceptional.
Safety & Security The Grecale is equipped with a comprehensive range of Level 2 Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, the highest level of driving automation support available on the market.