New Ford F-Max


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From 000, 000 incl. VAT
2 Seats
12.7 L Ecotorq
500 HP
600 L Aluminum
New Ford F-Max Exterior
Exterior As far as the exterior is concerned, F-Max redefines power, stature and aesthetics with its bold design.
New Ford F-Max Interior
Interior Striking a perfect harmony of the powerful engine, spacious interior, bold design and smart technology, Ford F-Max is truly a power performer.
New Ford F-Max engine
New Ford F-Max
Performance Engine: Ecotorq 12.7 Litre Power / Torque: 500 PS @ 1900 RPM / 2500 NM @ 1,000 - 1,400 RPM
New Ford F-Max engine
Technology The Lane Departure Warning System activates if you lose concentration; the Advanced Emergency Brake System automatically engages when the following distance becomes too short; and the Electronic Stability Program prevents both the tractor unit and the trailer from skidding.​​
New Ford F-Max interior
Design With its new, 2.5m full-width cabin, storage space, improved headlights, and many other features, F-Max is more than just a truck. It is a design wonder.
New Ford F-Max
New Ford F-Max engine
Capabilities The new F-MAX’s ECOTORQ engine offers maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption under any road condition -striking a natural balance between performance and economy.
New Ford F-Max
Safety & Security Powerful and fuel-efficient with 2500 Nm of torque and AMT transmission, it will help you conquer the toughest of roads.