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Land Rover

Luxurious comfort for every terrain

Land Rover, the tough and intrepid, has changed history, mastering all manner of terrain and capturing hearts around the world. Decades of innovation have taken us Above and Beyond. We’ve navigated uncharted territory with a firm grasp of where we started – the unique marriage of capability and composure, which distinguishes every vehicle bearing the Land Rover badge.


  • Dubai - Garhoud 
    fady-melki Fadi Melki Showroom Manager 97142011401
    abdulaziz-atta Abdulaziz Atta Assistant Showroom Manager 97142011427
    rawad-zahreldine Rawad Zahreldine Sales Advisor 97142015519
    helal-murabi Helal Murabi Sales Advisor 97142011408
    ghassan-mouharam Ghassan Mouharam Sales Advisor 97142015520
    bachir-mourad Bachir Mourad Senior Sales Advisor 97142011406
    atm-logo Jazi Alshuwayhat Sales Advisor 97142011409
  • Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road 
    hussein-assal Hussein El Assal Sales Manager 97143037191
    rashid-khan Rashid Ali Khan Showroom Manager 97143037181
    mahmoud-imran Mahmoud Imran Assistant Showroom Manager 97143037180
    sreedhar-jagadeesan Sreedhar Jagadeesan Sales Advisor 97143037187
    hassan-issa Hassan Issa Sales Advisor 97143037190
    jerias rihani Jerias Rihani Sales Advisor 97143037179
    ibrahim musaed Ibrahim Musaed Sales Advisor 97143037382
    daniel evans Daniel Evans Sales Advisor 97143037186
    shafie Mohannad Al Shafie Sales Advisor 97143037182
    ammar abdulla Ammar Abdulla Sales Advisor 97143037178
    hanz salahi Hanz Salahi Sales Advisor 97143037177
    monem Hussain Monem Sales Advisor 97143037174
  • Ras Al Khaimah 
    atm logo Ashraf Shawky Assistant Showroom Manager 97172056950
    fadi al khalil Fadi Al Khalil Sales Advisor 97172056952
  • Fujairah 
    bashar Bashar Al Tayeh Assistant Showroom Manager 97192059312
    mahmoud tantawi Mahmoud El Tantawi Sales Advisor 97192059309
    ahmed mubayed Ahmed Mubayed Sales Advisor 97192059308
  • Sharjah 
    naaman sayegh Naaman Sayegh Showroom Manager 97165986886
    al ahmar Safwat Al Ahmar Sales Manager 97165986896
    salem mourad Salem Mourad Sales Advisor 97165986884
    musharaf alam Musharaf Alam Sales Advisor 97165986882
    mahdi farhat Mahdi Farhat Sales Advisor 97165986883
    atm logo Omar Helal Sales Advisor 97165986986


  • Dubai - Al Barsha 
    atm-logo Hani Hosni Sales Manager 97143037578
    elie-nehme Elie Nehme Showroom Manager 97143037584
    amro-adi Amro Mousbah Adi Purchasing Supervisor 97143037594
    atm-logo Rabab Abdul Halim Assistant Showroom Manager 97143037586
    mohamed-khaiat Mohamed Samy El Khaiat Sales Advisor 97143037602
    ashraf-awadallah Ashraf Awadallah Sales Advisor 97143037591
    sherif-al-saudi Sherif Al Saudi Sales Advisor 97143037604
    fouad-mikhail Fouad Mikhail Senior Sales Advisor 97143037583
    amin-shami Amin Al Shami Senior Sales Advisor 97142666489
    sayed-kazi Syed Babajan Kazi Sales Advisor 97165986890
    atm-logo Hala wees Sales Advisor 97145904513